About ShambleJam

ShambleJam began much as everything begins - with an idea, born of a dream. It chronicles the life of a young boy growing up in the early 1900s in a small town named Marceline, near the heart of Missouri.

Inspired somewhat by the life of young Walt Disney, and his own life on his Aunt and Uncle’s farm, ShambleJam is both a reflection and a fantasy. Wally Shamble is a misunderstood dreamer, a creative, and a visionary. His father is stern, a difficult man, while Wally’s mother is warm and understanding. Wally’s brother, Root, helps the young artist along, though he, too, has no idea how to harness the boy’s budding genius.

A few animals, including Zignat, an intelligent mouse and a Kimball, confused wiener dog, round out the farm life in Marceline. Overcoming the setbacks we all find in life, plus the added obstacle of a father who cannot abide with dreamers or ne’er-do-wells, Wally nevertheless grows in spirit, always inspired, and fueled with determination.

Who knows? He may grow to inspire the world.

About Creator, Kem Welch

Blessed with a mother and father who encouraged both dreaming and artful thinking, Kem spent many summers working on an uncle and aunt’s farm not unlike the one we discover in ShambleJam.

An artist, creator, and dreamer, Kem feels fortunate to have eked out a living doing what he loves. Playing music for thirty-plus years contributed greatly to his survival as an adult.

He has worked in TV, Advertising Agencies, Animation Studios, and was a technical illustrator for various companies. He also created “Kem Welch’s Heart of Christmas,” a musical produced multiple times to enthusiastic reviews.

Most of his life Kem has spent creating art, music, or writing. Something is always churning… finally that constant churning grew into a comic strip called “ShambleJam.”