Issue #221219   |   December 19, 2022


I recall the special childhood fun of Christmas tree shopping. Dad always seemed to have that magical ability to pick the best one for the money, and mom, naturally, got first approval. They would study the tree – are the needles nice and green? How old does that cut on the bottom look? How soon before it sheds do you think? I just fell in love with all the trees and my older sister and I couldn’t wait to get one home. Placing the tree in the stand was always the second most precarious event of the day: would it fall? Are those weird screw things in tight enough? How much water do we use? The first most precarious thing was putting the angel or star on the top. When I was little, Daddy would lift one of the kids up (there were eventually 4 of us) and we’d make a good attempt… Daddy would re-adjust the top just to make sure it was stable. As a little side note: my Dad was 5′-5″ in his shoes. The trees at our house looked enormous to us little kids, but in retrospect, well, they really couldn’t be all that tall, could they? Haha! Merry Christmas!