Issue #230707   |   July 7, 2023


My uncle’s farm had many pigs. I hear they are smart and even make great pets. I have to say, though, that I believe pigs are a bit like dogs and children: how they act depends on how they were raised. Our pigs were raised for food, basically, and were therefore not treated like pets. They weren’t “acclimated” to humans though, per se. These pigs, particularly the momma sows, were vicious! A bunch of new born piglets escaped the sty once and we chased them all over the farm trying to catch them. The sow, in her motherly protective mode, and thinking we were going to harm her babies, ripped through the sty fencing and came after us with a vengeance! My 8 year old self had never been more terrified! I jumped on the tractor, my cousin climbed on the barn, and my uncle stood his ground, unharmed. Still, I think it would be fun to have a pet pig, especially if it could talk!